Welcome to The Magic of Camp

Opening Doors to Summer Adventures for Every Child

Welcome to The Magic of Camp, where summer dreams take flight. 


We are thrilled to introduce you to The Magic of Camp. The Farash Foundation believes that every child deserves the wonder and joy of a summer camp experience.


The Magic of Camp initiative supports Jewish Families in Rochester by sending their children to sleep-away camp through the One Happy Camper Program.


The Max and Marian Farash Charitable Foundation believes in the power of Jewish camping. Through The One Happy Camper program, the Farash Foundation strives to make Jewish summer camp a reality for our Rochester community.


This program is administered by the Jewish Federation of Greater Rochester and is open to any Jewish child from Rochester attending a Jewish sleep-away camp during the summer of 2024 (regardless of whether or not they have received previous funding).

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Eric Brandt

Director, Planned Giving & Endowments


*We ask all applicants to support the Federation’s Annual Campaign at some level.*

About Our Program


For children, Jewish camp is just plain fun. As adults, we know it's also much more than that. Jewish camp weaves Jewish values, culture, and traditions into the fabric of everyday life, helping campers connect to their own identity and to the larger Jewish community. With over 150 camps that specialize in everything from sports to the arts, science to outdoor adventures, waterfront activities to special needs, there is sure to be one your child will love.


Our mission is to ensure that every Jewish family in our community has the opportunity to experience the richness of summer camp, regardless of their financial situation.

At camp, kids get the chance to explore who they are—and who they want to become—in an inspiring, fun-filled environment. Whether they’re playing basketball, ziplining or dancing with their friends, Jewish camp creates a community of campers—and young leaders—who feel sure of themselves and proud of their heritage.


We're here to support you, offering a helping hand to bring the magic of summer camp to your family.


The One Happy Camper program offers financial stipends to Jewish families of up to $1800 per child.



Joining The Magic of Camp in the One Happy Camper program is a journey of discovery for your family. Give your child an unforgettable Jewish summer camp experience. Here’s how you can get started:

Explore Possibilities
Learn about the diverse and enriching camp experiences we offer.


Connect With Us
Fill out our 'Registration of Interest' form to tell us a little about your family.


Embark on the Adventure
We’ll guide you through the next steps to make your child’s summer unforgettable and financially attainable.



Hear from families who’ve experienced the magic:

"Going to Camp Seneca Lake provided me with a very unique summer. I participated in the Staff In Training (SIT) program. It has taught me many life skills that will help me in my early adulthood, like leadership and communication with the staff and campers. Without the grant that you gave me, I would not be able to have this summer experience."


- Max S.


“Tzuri and Alma went to camp Ramah in Canada for the first time in their lives in the summer of 2022. They returned full of experiences, happy, after meeting new friends, gaining experiences and developing into exciting independence.  None of this would have happened without the generous donation we received from the Jewish Federation in Rochester!  This summer Tzuri and Alma are excited to go back to camp, they would never agree to give up the significant experience. Todah Raba - Thank you!”


- Tzvia & Ami Weisberger


Frequently Asked Questions


You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers

Q: What are the requirements for my child to receive the One Happy Camper stipend?

A: The One Happy Camper program is open to Jewish families from all walks of life in the Rochester area. Each camper must:

  • Registered for an overnight camp listed on the Foundation for Jewish Camp's website
  • Attending an approved overnight camp for at least 12 consecutive days
  • Consider themselves Jewish 
  • Live in the Greater Rochester area for a majority of the year
  • Entering grades 2-12 (after camp)

Q: Can I receive financial aid from the camp in addition to a One Happy Camper stipend?  

A: Yes. Camps maintain their own lists of scholarships and can provide additional assistance. Some synagogues may also provide grants or financial aid. 

Q: My child has previously been to a Jewish summer camp for less than 12 days. Are they still eligible to receive the One Happy Camper grant?  

A: Yes!

Q: Can I apply for a One Happy Camper Grant for more than one of my children? 

A: Yes. The number of One Happy Camper stipends per family is not limited.


Q: Where do I go if I need more funding?

A: We offer an additional need-based financial aid program called ‘The Magic of Camp Extended”. Applications for this financial aid program can be found here. This includes both Nozik Scholarships and Chance At Camp Scholarships.

Q: When is the application deadline? 

A: There is no deadline for One Happy Camper grants but they are provided on a first-come first-serve basis.   

Q: How long will it take to be notified that my grant application has been approved?

A: Please allow 4-8 weeks. Once your child’s camp registration has been confirmed, funding will be sent directly to the camp starting in late spring and continuing through the summer.



Ways to Give

Every day, we work to provide compassionate, strategic, and comprehensive support, no matter the situation. There is no organization better positioned to do this than the Jewish Federation of Greater Rochester.