10 2017

Jewish Views of the Afterlife & Reincarnation with Rabbi Rachel Smookler

12:00PM - 1:00PM  

Temple B'rith Kodesh (Reform) 2131 Elmwood Avenue
Rochester, NY

Contact Sue Eckhaus
244-7060 x242

Presented by The Rochester Kollel

This class will look into the ancient Jewish view of Olam Haba, the World to Come, Jewish texts and ideas of Gilgul HaNefesh, reincarnation of the soul, as well as this theme of an afterlife as it appears in our daily prayers.  From the TaNaKH to later Hasidic tales, the notion of an afterlife has been a part of our rich tradition.  Join in as we delve into this exciting topic for six classes!  

Fee $40 

TBK Room 106, enter at Door A

Sue Eckhaus, Registrar 244-7060 x242