Thank You to Our Community Partners

Thank you for making your voice heard by completing the Every Voice Counts survey! We are pleased to present the following list of resources, a collection of all of the synagogues, agencies and organizations that partnered with the Jewish Federation of Greater Rochester to bring you this survey.


All of the partners listed below would welcome you to contact them if you'd like to learn more about the wide range of services they provide, or how you can get involved.



The Federation is grateful to the Max and Marian Farash Charitable Foundation for generously providing funding for the Every Voice Counts survey.

Temples and Synagogues Across the Rochester Region

Congregation Beth Hakneses Hachodosh

Address: 19 St Regis Dr N, Rochester, NY 14618
Contact: Rabbi Binyomin Sloviter (Rabbi), 443-762-0036
Rabbi Eli Lowy (President, 585-406-7561

Congregation Beth Hakneses Hachodosh (BHH) is an Orthodox synagogue located in Rochester, NY. The oldest active Orthodox synagogue in the city, with a history dating back to 1885, BHH provides local residents and those traveling through Rochester with a warm and welcoming place to daven and learn.

Congregation Beth Hamedresh - Beth Israel

Address: 1369 East Avenue, Rochester, NY 14610
Contact: Harris Honickman (President), 585-967-3023
Steve Teitel (Vice President), 585-472-6331

Congregation Beth Hamedresh - Beth Israel is a small, independent, Conservative synagogue with services conducted by lay leadership and many opportunities for active participation in its religious services and social events.

Congregation Beth Sholom

Address: 1161 Monroe Ave, Rochester, NY 14620
Contact: Rabbi Avi Kilimnick (Rabbi) 585-473-1625
Rabbi Shaya Kilimnick (Rabbi Emeritus) 585-473-1625
Jonathan Sadik (President) 585-473-1625

Since 1929, Congregation Beth Sholom has been the center of a community of Jews committed to the beauty of traditional Judaism- connecting Jews to Torah, Israel, tradition, and each other. Today, it is Rochester's largest Modern Orthodox and Zionist synagogue.


Address: 2 Mountain Rise, Fairport, New York 14450
Contact: Rabbi David Abrahams (Rabbi), 585-223-5344

Congregation Etz Chaim is a small, progressive Reform Jewish Congregation in Fairport, NY. Its community is based on inclusiveness, where everyone is welcome, regardless of age, marital status, sexual orientation, or being a Jew by birth or by choice.


Address: 1675 Monroe Avenue, Rochester NY 14618
Contact: Rabbi Avi Mammon (Rabbi), 585-271-5690

Congregation Light of Israel is a center of learning and growth, laughter and joy, connecting Jews from diverse backgrounds. Believed to be the oldest Sephardic Synagogue in the state outside of the New York City area, Light of Israel strives to be a home to any Jew regardless of their background and their beliefs, in a non-judgmental or patronizing way.


Address: 1161 Monroe Ave. Rochester, NY 14620 (Located in Congregation Beth Sholom)
Contact: Rabbi Baruch Davidowitz (Rabbinical Leader), 585-420-8415

The KBY minyan provides a warm Torah atmosphere catering to former Bnei Yeshiva. Emphasis is placed on a quiet, serious atmosphere during davening and debate and engagement during the Rav’s halacha shiur. A weekly kiddush followed by a ladies shiur on the parsha given by Rabbi Davidowitz is also offered.


Address: 2131 Elmwood Avenue, Rochester, NY 14618
Contact: Aaron Marsh (Rabbi), 585-633-8861
Candace Rubin (President), 585-520-5388

Temple Beth Am is a small egalitarian Conservative congregation which believes in every voice being heard, innovation within tradition, and that synagogue involvement should not be tied to financial requirements. They also place a great deal of importance on learning at all ages and levels.


Address: 2131 Elmwood Avenue, Rochester, NY 14618
Contact: Rabbi Michael Silbert, 585-789-1699
Lewis Rothberg, 585-314-2058

Temple Beth David is a Conservative congregation with a real neshamah - a soul. Temple Beth David has been described by newcomers as the most warm, welcoming and inclusive congregation they’ve ever experienced, a place where they are included in the life-long celebration of the joys of Jewish life, learning and community.


Address: 755 S Main St, Geneva, NY 14456
Contact: Rabbi Ann Landowne (Rabbi), 315-789-2945

Temple Beth-El is located on the shore of Seneca Lake in the Finger Lakes region, about 45 minutes from downtown Rochester. This Reform congregation has been an active community for over 70 years, and is committed to respecting the traditions of a diverse group of congregants including interfaith households.


Address: 139 Winton Road South, Rochester, NY 14610
Contact: Deborah Zeger (Executive Director), 585-329-8032
Rabbi Bitran (Senior Rabbi), 585-473-1770

Temple Beth El is a vibrant and inclusive community of Jews who join together for prayer, education, celebration, mutual support and comfort, tikkun olam and acts of loving kindness. Temple Beth El is committed to its community, the State of Israel, and Jews around the world.


Address: 2131 Elmwood Avenue, Rochester, NY 14618
Contact: Rabbi Peter Stein (Senior Rabbi), 585-244-7060
Terri Richardson (Program Director), 585-244-7060
Michael Yudelson (Executive Director), 585-244-7060

A vibrant Reform synagogue with deep roots within the Greater Rochester community, with a diverse membership that creates a welcoming home for every individual to embrace God, share Jewish values, and join a tradition of reaching out to repair our world.


Address: 124 Bank St, Batavia, NY 14020
Contact: Temple office, 585-343-7027
Stan Schumann (President), 585-343-0385
Kathy Zipkin (VP & information regarding services), 585-344-0992

Temple Emanu-El is a friendly Jewish Reform congregation of about 20 households, eager to explore the heritage of our faith from the perspective of liberal Judaism. Located midway between Buffalo and Rochester, Temple Emanu-El serves the Batavia area.


Address: 2956 St. Paul Blvd, Rochester NY 14617
Contact: Jon Rubin (President), 585-615-0573
Charlene Sommers (Temple Administrator), 585-713-4230

Temple Emanu-El is a Reform Jewish Congregation in Irondequoit, New York, a few minutes from downtown Rochester. Its congregation reflects the diversity of today’s society – inviting you to share in our warm, informal approach to Reform Judaism.


Address: 363 Penfield Rd, Rochester NY, 14625
Contact: Rabbis Alan J. Katz and Debbi Till (Rabbis), 585-381-6890
Keith Greer (Incoming President), 585-381-6890

Temple Sinai is dedicated to upholding the principles of Reform Judaism. It affirms our ethical and social responsibilities, is committed to providing support and care for our congregational family, and welcomes participation in Temple life, while striving to make itself a Sukkat Shalom, a shelter of peace.

Jewish Organizations and Agencies Across the Rochester Region

Beth Hatvillah -- Mikvah of Rochester

Address: 27 St. Regis Dr. N, Rochester NY 14618
Contact: Office, 585-442-0245
Esther Caro (Co-President), 585-743-2923
Esti Kilimnick (Co-President), 310-622-3473

Beth Hatvillah supports and operates the community Mikvah in Rochester for traditional ritual use, utensil immersion, conversions, and inspirational educational programs and events. There are tours available upon request. Mikvah use is by appointment.

Chabad Lubavitch of Rochester

Address: 1037 Winton Rd. South Rochester, NY 14618
Contact: Rabbi Nechemia Vogel, 585-503-5434
Rabbi Dovid Mochlin, 585-820-8298

Chabad Lubavitch is a Jewish educational outreach organization that seeks to strengthen Jewish identity amongst all Jews regardless of background, affiliation or non-affiliation.

Chabad of Pittsford

Address: 21 Lincoln Ave Pittsford NY 14534
Contact: Rabbi Yitzi Hein (Co-Director), 585-286-6147
Rishi Hein (Co-Director), 585-201-0216

Chabad of Pittsford is a local branch of Chabad in Rochester with an extra focus on innovative Jewish youth and family programming.

Derech HaTorah

Address: 71 Maiden Lane, Rochester, NY 14616
Contact: Lea Goldstein (Principal), 585-266-2920
Rabbi Dov Chastain (Assistant Principal) 503-927-3863

Derech HaTorah of Rochester (DHR) is committed to providing a Torah education for all Jewish children in grades K-8. DHR teaches a superior, scholastic curriculum that meets and exceeds New York State Education Department standards, maximizing the development of every student in a warn, nurturing learning environment.

HADASSAH -- The Women’s Zionist Organization of America, Inc.

Address: 40 Wall Street, New York, NY 10005
(no local address, but we do have a local chapter)
Contact: Marcia Gabrilove Ladin (Chapter Leadership), 585-820-5284
Monika Katzel (Chapter Leadership), 585-748-4273

Hadassah is a volunteer organization that inspires a passion for and commitment to the land, the people, and the future of Israel. Hadassah enhances the health and lives of people in Israel, the United States and worldwide.

Hillel Community Day School

Address: 191 Fairfield Drive, Rochester, NY 14620
Contact: Mrs. Tracie Glazer (Head of School), 585-271-6877g

Hillel is an egalitarian, private and pluralistic Jewish day school, offering a full day program from Kindergarten through 8th grade. Hillel School connects children, in relevant and meaningful ways, to Jewish customs, values, peoplehood, Israel, and the ever evolving world that they are inheriting.

Jewish Family Service of Rochester, Inc.

Address: 441 East Avenue, Rochester, NY 14607
Contact: Jennie I. Schaff, PhD (CEO/President) 585-461-0110 x 112
Barbara Connor (Chief Administrative Officer) 585-461-0110 x 128

Jewish Family Service offers hope and help to thousands of people in the Jewish and general community, improving and strengthening lives through the programs and services such as mental health counseling, aging services, essential services and community programs.

Jewish Federation of Greater Rochester

Address: 441 East Ave, Rochester, NY 14607
Contact: Meredith Dragon, 585-241-8629
Jeanine Monachino, 585-241-8630

Building a strong Jewish future in Rochester, Israel and worldwide through philanthropy, engagement, education and advocacy. The Federation continues to welcome the participation of all people including interfaith families, people of all abilities, religious practices, backgrounds, sexual orientation, gender identity, race and socio-economic status.

Jewish Senior Life

Address: 2021 Winton Road South, Rochester NY 14618
Contact: Michael King (President & CEO), 585-784-6483
Jane Knickerbocker (Vice President of Marketing), 585-784-6366

Serving people of all faiths and ethnic backgrounds, Jewish Senior Life is a Continuing Care Retirement Community guided by the values of honoring family and aging in place, offering all levels of care on a single campus.


Address: 1200 Edgewood Avenue, Rochester NY 14618
Contact: Josh Weinstein (CEO), 461-2000 x 220
Joy Getnick (Sr. Director of Jewish life and adult enrichment), 461-2000 x 239

The JCC is a vibrant, exciting, and inclusive center for all the community to learn and grow from one another. The JCC continues to be a place of personal growth, education, and friendly interaction that is ingrained in the lives of its members and the Greater Rochester community.

Max and Marian Farash Charitable Foundation

Address: 255 East Avenue, Rochester, NY 14607
Contact: Isobel Goldman (Director of Grants and Programs), 585-479-4462
Hollis S. Budd (Executive Director), 585-479-4462

The Max and Marian Farash Charitable Foundation is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the civic and religious communities of its founders. Each year, half of the Foundation’s grants support Jewish life and the other half go to secular initiatives. We care. We give. We honor.


Address: P.O. Box 92444 Rochester, NY 14692
(no local address, but we do have a local chapter)
Contact: Amy Stein (Outgoing President), 271-0680 x 1144
Jane Amstey (Incoming President) 585-461-2000

The National Council of Jewish Women (NCJW) is a grassroots organization of volunteers and advocates who turn progressive ideals into action. Inspired by Jewish values, NCJW strives for social justice by improving the quality of life for women, children and families.

Ora Academy

Address: 139 Winton Road S., Rochester, NY 14610
Contact: Rabbi Eliezer Y. Lehrer (Headmaster / Executive Director), 585-271-8711
Laurie Morphet (School Secretary), 585-271-8711

Ora Academy is Upstate New York's premier center for Torah education for all Jewish women. Ora's flagship program is Ora Academy high school for girls. Founded in 1996 and located in Rochester, New York, Ora continues to serve students and their families from Rochester and across the country.


Address: 769 Park Avenue, Rochester, NY 14607
Contact: Rabbi Daniel Goldstein (Principal & Executive Director), 585-738-1321
Rabbi Yoni Polatoff (Assistant Principal), 585-473-2810 x 115

The Yeshiva of Rochester, also known as "TIUNY", is an Orthodox Jewish High School for boys. What sets this Yeshiva apart from many others is individualized attention, with a reputation for providing an unusually warm and caring environment for its students.

The Jewish Ledger

Address: 2535 Brighton Henrietta Town Line Rd, Rochester, NY 14623
Contact: Barbara Morgenstern, 585- 427-2468

Founded in 1924, this independent, award-winning newspaper keeps Rochester Jewry in touch with the Jewish world through local, national and international features, opinions and news stories. The Jewish Ledger is published weekly, both in print and online.


Address: 75 Thruway Park Drive, West Henrietta, NY 14586
Contact: Maureen Collins (Operations Manager), 585-533-2901
Ann Marie Mahoney (Office Manager), 585-533-2903

The mission of the William & Sheila Konar Foundation is guided by the philanthropic goals and priorities of its founders. Supported programs and institutions include those dedicated to education about prejudice and hatred and promotion of understanding and tolerance.