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Reverse ShinShinim

Many visitors from Rochester see Modi’in as their home in Israel and now... it's your turn!

Put your leadership skills to the test in an exciting five-month journey in Israel: Reverse ShinShinim is an exclusive and highly subsidized program designed for American high-school graduates who are currently engaged in their community and are selected to represent it in Israel. Meaningful volunteer work, learning important functional skills, and making lifelong friendships are just some of the many benefits that will help make this a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

If selected, you will spend five months volunteering in our partnership city of Modi’in, working with interesting social initiatives such as youth movements, activities for at-risk youth, volunteering at food banks, teaching English in elementary and high schools, and more. Experience what it’s like to live as an Israeli while being hosted by a Modi’in family, and immerse yourself in Israeli culture.


Rochester is fortunate to have a vibrant and meaningful connection with the community of Modi’in through several impactful Partnership2Gether (P2G) programs: Education Bridge, Ramim, Journey for Identity (JFI), and ShinShinim.

Program Highlights:

  • Volunteer in interesting social initiatives in our partnership region - youth movements, sports, activities for at-risk kids, Ethiopian teens, food banks, etc.
  • Interact with Israelis in different social gatherings and workshops.
  • Discover the beautiful nature and unique characteristics of the region.
  • Teach English in various schools throughout Modi’in-Maccabim-Re'ut.
  • Share your thoughts and ideas for promoting P2G projects to strengthen the connection between Rochester and Modi’in.
  • Learn Hebrew in Ulpan


Enjoy cultural programming, such as:

  • Host family: fully immerse yourself in Israeli life by living with and getting to know a host family from Modi’in.
  • Trips: travel throughout Israel on monthly trips with other Masa groups and ShinShinim
  • Special training and certifications, such as Magen David Adom (Israeli Red Cross)

Core Program: Four months volunteering in Modi’in


As a service-year ShinShin, you will live and volunteer in the Modi’in community and will have the opportunity to work with inspiring local leaders on projects with high impact. Service options may include schools, daycares, cultural centers, informal educational settings, and youth movements, among others. You will have a mentor from the Youth department of the municipality and support from the Modi’in P2G staff and committee.


Throughout the program, you will take part in an educational enrichment and leadership development program, provided by the Masa Leadership & Impact Center, and will have an opportunity to participate in long weekend seminars with tours to different parts of the country every three weeks. In addition, you will become part of Masa’s international community by taking part in a variety of events and projects with youth from all around the world.


Day in the Life: Typical Day of a Modi’in ShinShin

ShinShinim will be assigned to an elementary school, which participates in the Rochester-Modi’in P2G Education Bridge Program, and will work with fifth and sixth-grade students on English skills and more, for the majority of the school day (08:00-14:00). On Fridays, ShinShinim will work on unique junior-high projects together with the Community Mentor. Twice per week, they will take part in after-school programs with younger kids. Three times per week, in the afternoon-evening hours, ShinShinim will participate in various youth groups based on their interests – leadership groups, music, enrichment programs, social services, and more.

Optional: Extend your gap year in Israel for an additional 4-5 months

Participants have the opportunity to continue their gap year in Israel by either extending their stay in Modi’in or joining another Masa program for the 2nd semester. Ask us how!


Contact Us


Michal Spivak

Director of ShinShinim Programming


Let's break it down:

  • Eligibility:
    • You must be Masa-eligible (you have not previously participated in a long-term program in Israel)
    • You are a high school graduate between the ages of 18-20
    • You live in Rochester, NY
  • Cost: $5,400. This program is generously subsidized by Masa Israel Journey, the Jewish Federation of Greater Rochester, and the City of Modi’in municipality. 
    • Cost Includes: air travel, housing, insurance, SIM card and phone plan, trips in Israel, Hebrew Ulpan, transportation, monthly spending allowance, and more.
  • Dates: September 2023 – January 2024




Israeli Games and Culture with the Shinshinim

Louis S. Wolk Jewish Community Center 1200 Edgewood Ave
Rochester, NY 14618



Israeli Games and Culture with the Shinshinim

Louis S. Wolk Jewish Community Center 1200 Edgewood Ave
Rochester, NY 14618



Israeli Games and Culture with the Shinshinim

Louis S. Wolk Jewish Community Center 1200 Edgewood Ave
Rochester, NY 14618

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