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Shine a Light

Thank you for joining us in this 8-day learning journey to build our community’s understanding of Jews and Judaism and increase awareness of the marked increase of Antisemitism (anti-Jewish hate) in the United States and around the world today.


Day 1: Hanukkah Celebrates the Jewish Peoples’ Freedom from Oppression

Day 2: Who are the Jews? What is Judaism?

Day 3: What is Antisemitism?

Day 4: The Rise in Antisemitism

Day 5: The Impact of Antisemitism on Teens and College Students

Day 6: Antisemitism Is a Problem for Everyone

Day 7: Israel and the Rochester Relationship

Day 8: Rochester's Jewish Community

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Leah Goldman

Chief Planning & Program Officer



Thank you to our partners who have joined us to Shine a Light on Antisemitism.

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Every day, we work to provide compassionate, strategic, and comprehensive support, no matter the situation. There is no organization better positioned to do this than the Jewish Federation of Greater Rochester.