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The world changes quickly. Potential threats change with it. Through the ROCStrong—Security and Safety Initiative, Federation and our partners are addressing the ever-changing concerns and challenges head-on. These resources can help you learn more about what we do and how to protect yourself and your family.

Social Media Awareness:
Social Media is increasingly being used to obtain personal information and commit cybercrimes, posing a threat to individuals and organizations. The best way to prevent attacks is to practice smart social media habits and monitor posts. (Source: SCN)

How to Stop a Phishing Scam:
Phishing attacks, in which bad actors pose as a legitimate person or organization to obtain personal information, are one of the most common forms of cybercrime. They are a critical threat to any organization, especially as they become more sophisticated and difficult to identify. The best way to prevent an attack is to know how to identify a phishing email. (Source: SCN)

Cyber Safety and Security in the Age of COVID-19: 
The Covid pandemic prompted many organizations to shift to teleworking and work-from-home setups via  virtual environments. This evolution has spurred questions and concerns related to cyber safety and security. (Source: SCN)

Video Conference Best Practices:
As many Jewish organizations have transitioned events to online forums, internet-hosted events, and remote working, SCN has compiled best-practice tips for using Zoom (and other platforms) to assist organizations and event sponsors in providing a safe and welcoming virtual space. (Source: SCN)

How to Prevent Zoombombing: 
A new development with the rise of video conferencing is “Zoombombing,” in which unwelcome individuals join meetings with the intent to disrupt them, often through messages of hate and harassment. (Source: ADL) 

Facility Closure Guidance:
Covid can cause disruptions to regular events, with many Jewish agency facilities closing, canceling or postponing events, working remotely, and supporting our communities in unique ways. This information provides simple crime prevention tips and best practices with low/no-cost measures. (Source: SCN)

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