20 2020

Israeli Cooking with The ShinShinim

12:30PM - 1:15PM  

Join Itamar Bigman, one of the Jewish Federation's ShinShinim and learn the secrets to delicious cooking. He will be showing us his perfect recipe for Moroccan Chraime fish and Israeli Couscous. All ages welcome!

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Itamar lives in our partnership city of Modi’in with his parents and two younger siblings. He enjoys reading, sports (particularly running) and spending time with his friends. In high school, Itamar majored in Cyber Computer Science and Physics, and says he is fascinated by people’s ability to shape and influence the world around us using advanced technologies and loves applying the laws of physics to learn and discover new things.

For the past three years, Itamar has volunteered with an organization called "Krembo Wings", which is the only inclusive youth movement in Israel for children and youth with severe disabilities. Itamar served as both lead counselor and trainer for counselors working with kids with special needs, and more recently was promoted to head coordinator for his local chapter.