20 2020

Story Theatre Time with the ShinShinim

3:35PM - 4:00PM  

Get ready for the weekend and join Oren, one of our ShinShinim, as she tells a few of her favorite Shabbat stories - perfect for our younger participants!

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Oren is one of our ShinShinim from our partnership city of Modi’in and completed her senior year of high school with a major in social studies and Theater. She has always excelled in and is passionate about the arts, and enjoys playing the piano and singing.

Born in Tulsa, Oklahoma, she and her family made Aliyah (immigrated to Israel) when she was a year old. Oren grew up with a deep connection to the United States and has fond memories from her time in Rochester as a Journey for Identity (JFI) participant last year. She is the youngest of four siblings, with two older brothers and an older sister.

Oren has been a long-time member of the “Tzofim” (Israeli scouts) and more recently has volunteered as a counselor for 5th grade scouts. She is also part of a professional theater group, which performs in high schools and boarding schools all over Israel.