PJ Our Way


As kids age out of PJ Library they have an opportunity to sign up for a program just for tweens - PJ Our Way (PJOW).  PJ Our Way offers the gift of exceptional books with Jewish themes to kids ages 8½-11 – books that they choose themselves!

Every month kids visit the PJ Our Way website, www.pjourway.org, to choose a book from a selection of four high-quality titles that have been reviewed by a panel of PJ educators, parents, and kids. That's 12 free books a year! To make the choice easier, every title offered comes with a synopsis and author bios, ratings and reviews, and video trailers. Kids can also take polls and quizzes, participate in monthly interviews and challenges, and comment on blog posts.

If you have a child ages 8 1/2-11 - Sign them up now at www.pjourway.org.

Throughout the year there are programs for PJ Our Way aged tweens. A few past programs that took place were “Donut Wars”, “PJ Our Way Goes to the Warrior Factory”, and a “PJOW Chanukah Glow Party”.

Rochester also has our very own PJOW Kid Council. Currently 12 tweens participate several times a year to help choose, plan, and facilitate the PJOW programs. If you have a child interested in being on the PJOW Kid Council please contact Biffy Borg.