14 2014

Kaliver Rebbe of New York / Rabbi Moshe Taub, shlita

8:00AM - 12:00PM  

Derech HaTorah of Rochester Ora Academy
Rochester, NY
266 2920/271-8711

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The Rebbe will daven Shachris at Derech HaTorah and address the students afterwards. In the afternoon, the Rebbe will make a brief visit to Ora Academy, before resuming his travels, as he will continue on to Buffalo, N. Y. The Rebbe's style is very informal, as he prefers to receive people on an individual basis rather that speaking in a public setting. One may come to simply pay respects and receive a blessing from the Rebbe or one may also choose to seek the Rebbe's guidance for a particular problem. For more about the Kaliver Rebbe please visit: http://www.kaalov.org/home