One Happy Camper

One Happy Camper is a program of the Foundation for Jewish Camp (FJC), in partnership with Jewish Federations, foundations, and camps across North America. In Rochester, the program is administered by the Jewish Federation of Greater Rochester and funded by the Max and Marian Farash Charitable Foundation. The Rochester One Happy Camper program provides incentive grants of up to $1800 to children attending nonprofit, Jewish overnight camp for the first time. The grant works to introduce more children to the magic of Jewish camp. We are proud to also be able to offer our Boost program - need-based grants of up to $1000 for second year and beyond!


For children, Jewish camp is just plain fun; as adults we know it's also much more than that—it’s camp with a soul. At camp, kids get the chance to explore who they are—and who they want to become—in an inspiring, fun-filled environment. Whether they’re playing basketball, ziplining or dancing with their friends, Jewish camp creates a community of campers—and young leaders—who feel sure of themselves and proud of their heritage. Click here for the eligible camp list. There are over 190 camps to choose from, including camps specializing in sports, arts, science, outdoor adventures, waterfront activities and special needs.

Our Two Tiered Approach


First-Year Campers: A Jewish Overnight Camping Incentive Program


Is your child a first time camper? Give your child an unforgettable Jewish summer camp experience. Incentive grants of $1,800 are available to campers attending an approved Jewish overnight camp for 19 or more consecutive days. 


Not going to camp for a whole 19 days? We still want to help you. A $1000 grant is available for first time campers enrolled in camp for 12-18 consecutive days.

Second-Year and Beyond! Our Boost (need-based) program is for you


The Rochester community is unique in that it offers need-based grants up to $1,000 to campers (second-year and beyond) attending an approved Jewish overnight camp.

Is My Child Eligible?


To be eligible for a One Happy Camper grant, typically your child must: 


  • Be registered for an overnight camp listed on the Foundation for Jewish Camp’s website.

  • Be attending an approved overnight camp for the first time for at least 12 consecutive days.

  • Consider himself/herself Jewish. 

  • Live in the Greater Rochester Area for a majority of the year.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I receive financial aid from the camp in addition to a One Happy Camper grant?  


Yes. Camps also maintain their own lists of scholarships and can provide additional assistance.  Some synagogues may also provide grants or financial aid.



My child has previously been to a Jewish summer camp for less than 12 days. Is my child still eligible to receive the One Happy Camper grant?  


Yes! Your child is still eligible for the grant. 



Can I apply for a One Happy Camper Grant for more than one of my children? 


Yes. The number of One Happy Camper grants per family is not limited 



When is the application deadline? 


There is no deadline for the One Happy Camper grant but grants are provided on a first-come first-served basis.  



How long will it take to be notified that my grant application has been approved? 


Please allow four to eight weeks for your child’s camp to receive confirmation of the grant approval. Once your child’s camp registration has been confirmed, funding will be sent directly to the camp starting in late spring and continuing through the summer. 


If you have any questions regarding One Happy Camper, please contact Marissa Barashi.