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Mission & Leadership

Welcome to the Jewish Federation of Greater Rochester! 

The Federation convenes, engages, and leads the Rochester Jewish community and its partners, leverages its resources to enhance and sustain Jewish life, assists people in need, mobilizes on issues of concern to the local Jewish community, and strengthens the bond with Israel and Jewish people globally. 

Our Mission

The Jewish Federation of Greater Rochester works to build a strong Jewish future in Rochester, Israel, and worldwide through philanthropy, engagement, education, and advocacy.

Our Pillars


Taking Care of People in Need:

As the economic and emotional impact of COVID remains, we must meet the increased demand for food, emergency cash, employment services, and mental health support.

Ensuring the Safety and Security of the Jewish Community:

We must ensure our safety by expanding the security infrastructure across our community while also fostering change through education and bridge-building efforts.


Building an Engaged and Flourishing Jewish Community:

We cannot predict what the future will hold, so we must sustain a network of forward-thinking, resilient nonprofit organizations and relationships that will form the bedrock of a vibrant, caring Rochester Jewish community for generations to come.


Fostering Connections to Israel and Global Jewry:

The Federation builds connections to Jewish life overseas through local programming, our vibrant people-to-people connection with Modi'in, Israel and by allocating funds to service partners in collective support of world Jewry.


Growing the Resources to Sustain Our Community:

We must foster a love of philanthropy and community involvement across all ages and stages of life so that we can continue to support our vibrant Jewish community here and throughout the world.

2022-2023 Leadership


Mona Friedman Kolko**


Richard L. Goldstein**
Debbie Gordon**
Wendy Howitt**
Daniel Kinel**
Aviva Schochat**
Randy Schuster**


Marvin L. Wolk


Hannah Rosenblatt**



Julie Nusbaum**


Meredith Dragon


**Member of the Executive Committee


Lisa Axelrod**
Robert Baker
Melanie Bobry
Gabe Chodak
David Clar**
Howard Cohen
Zack Ellis
Roberta Feldman
Blanche Fenster
Cindy Finestone
Daphne Futerman
Barry Gilbert
Jerry Goldman
Leon Gossin
Marc Haas
Kimberly Kalish
Helen Kashtan

Karen Kessler

Dr. Joseph Kilimnick
Shari Kinel

Richard Markus

Neal Morchower
Sarah Morgenstern
Barbara Orenstein Present
Lisa Pelta
Naomi Peters
Jon Prastein
Marc Reich 
Tiffany Rothenberg
Ben Rozin
Michele Ruda
Pauline Rutberg**
Michael Silverstein
Marc Solomon
Rabbi Peter Stein
Margot Weinberg
Lorraine P. Wolch


Reuben Auspitz
Roberta Borg
Rina Chessin
Leslie Crane
Eli N. Futerman
Paul S. Goldberg
*Burton Gordon
Robert Gordon
Howard J. Grossman
Michael D. Grossman
Rochelle Gutkin
*Helen Hecker
Warren H. Heilbronner
Dennis Kessler
Howard Konar
Beryl Nusbaum
Carolyn G. Nussbaum
Nathan J. Robfogel
Jerald J. Rotenberg
Linda Cornell Weinstein
Seymour Weinstein

*Of Blessed Memory

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The Jewish Federation of Greater Rochester is proud of our sound operational and fiscal management and is committed to accountability and transparency.

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Every day, we work to provide compassionate, strategic, and comprehensive support, no matter the situation. There is no organization better positioned to do this than the Jewish Federation of Greater Rochester.