10 2013

"With Courage Shall We Fight:"

7:00PM - 9:00PM  

Nazareth College Shults Center Forum 4245 East Avenue
Rochester, NY

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October 14th program.

 With Courage Shall We Fight: The Memoirs and Poetry of Holocaust Resistance Fighters. Albert and Ralph Berger

Monday, October 14, 2013 7:00PM, Shults Center (Nazareth College)

Albert and Ralph Berger are editors of With Courage Shall We Fight: The Memoirs and Poetry of Holocaust Resistance Fighters. Their book tells the incredible story of survival of their parents, Murray “Motke” Berger, one of the original members of the Bielski Brigade (depicted in the movie “Defiance”), and Frances “Fruma” Berger, the first woman in the Brigade to be issued a weapon. Miraculously, first individually and then together as fighters in the Bielski Brigade, they escaped from the Nazis and certain death and literally fought back, saving not only their own lives but those of others as well. The book is a compilation of their first person written memoirs and their mother’s compelling poetry about the Holocaust and life as a Partisan. It tells the story of their lives before, during and after the War. In both prose and poetry, this memoir teaches readers about courage in the face of adversity and that the experiences of Holocaust martyrs and survivors must never be forgotten. Ralph S. Berger is an arbitrator, mediator, and attorney based in NYC, as well as an adjunct lecturer for Cornell University. Albert S. Berger is a retired teacher who currently coaches high school sports and mentors teachers-in-training at Brooklyn College. Since the book was first published they have lectured at the US Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, DC, the Museum of Jewish Heritage in NYC, the Holocaust Memorial of the Greater Miami Jewish Federation, and Miami-Dade College.

 Sponsored By: The Center for Spirituality Religious Studies Department The March: Bearing Witness to Hope The Rochester Center for Holocaust Awareness and Information of the Jewish Federation of Greater Rochester