6 2016

Karski & The Lords of Humanity, Karski i Władcy Ludzkości

7:00PM - 9:00PM  

The Little Theatre 240 East Avenue #100
Rochester, NY

Karski & The Lords of Humanity, Karski i Władcy Ludzkości, 2015, 72 min., Poland – USA

Directed by: Sławomir Grünberg

Written by: Katka Reszke, Sławomir Grünberg, E. Thomas Wood

Animation by: Tomasz Niedźwiedź

The film by the outstanding documentary director, Sławomir Grünberg, which combines unique archival materials and animated sequences, tells the story of Jan Karski. Jan Karski (actually Jan Kozielewski) set out to Great Britain in autumn of 1942 and then on to the USA to present a report on the condition of the Polish Underground State and primarily to inform the international community about the disastrous situation of Jews under German occupation. Before his departure, Karski made it inside the ghetto twice and also to the transit camp in Izbica Lubelska. He passed the shocking account of an eyewitness on to American and British politicians, journalists and artists. However, the dramatic appeals of the emissary to save the Jewish nation proved to no avail.

Ames Amzalak Rochester International Jewish Film Festival is the Community Partner for this screening.

Following the screening: a question-and-answer session with Sławomir Grünberg and a panel discussion including CHAI Director, Bonnie Abrams