20 2016

Jewish Federation of Greater Rochester-Breakfast Bagging

2:00PM - 3:30PM  

Temple Sinai (Reform) 363 Penfield Road
Rochester, NY

Contact Rich Gordon

Breakfast Bagging - To introduce teens to the Jewish values that teach about giving to others.  To give teens an opportunity to understand that we all have different reasons for wanting to help others in need.

Breakfast Bagging is here!  This is the annual teen community service event where we put together bags of breakfast foods to donate to Open Door Mission in time for Thanksgiving.  (We do breakfast foods because that is often the most neglected meal to donate for at this time of year.)

Teens are asked to bring breakfast items as the “admission fee” for the event, but sometimes they don’t bring enough.  Please consider bringing in any of the following before November 18 to help “pad” the items we will receive at the event. 

Items we are looking for include:  Instant Oatmeal Packs, Instant Coffee/Tea Packs, Juice Boxes, Dehydrated/Long-Shelf-Life Milk, Granola Bars, Small Cereal Boxes/Travel Bowls, Dried Fruit or Nuts, Fruit Cups with Spoons, (and probably the most nutritious of all) leftover Halloween Candy.