8 2019

Healing Injustice

5:00PM - 7:00PM  

Nazareth College 4245 East Avenue
The Forum Schultz Center
Rochester, NY 14618

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HEALING INJUSTICE:  A German Physician Confronts The History Of Her Profession And Family During The Nazi Period

Franziska Eckert, a radiation oncologist from Tubingen, Germany, tells a story that must be heard. Prompted by a chance encounter, Dr. Eckert began to research the abuses of the medical profession during the Nazi regime. To her horror, she found that those very abuses existed in her own family. Dr. Eckert learned that her grandfather was a member of an elite SS unit and almost certainly complicit in mass murder in Russia and Ukraine. As a means to discover and heal, she has supported and participated in a two-year study of Nazi doctors involved in criminal human experimentation and murder. Refusing to let history fade, she uses her research to educate other Germans and physicians about their shared history. She has publicly acknowledged that knowing such history is an act of reconciliation with survivors and their descendants. Her outreach has extended throughout Germany, Poland, the U.S., and Israel. Join us as she tells her story.

Cost:  Free and open to the public

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Co-Sponsors:  CHAI / The Levine Center To End Hate / The Konar Center For Tolerance And Jewish Studies / The March: Bearing Witness To Hope