4 2017


18 2017

Jewish Family Service Gone With The Gala


Your Home

Contact Barbara A. Connor
585.461.0110 x 128

We are inviting you to NOT attend our Gala and to make a donation to support the services we offer to our clients. When you participate in our "Gone With The Gala", there are no tickets to purchase, no babysitter to pay, no parking to find, no uncomfortable shoes to wear, and no small-talk to make.  Instead, stay at home in your pajamas, order in, and binge watch Netflix,  Sounds good, right?

So...share photos and videos online of why you're making a donation and choosing NOT to attend.  Maybe take a photo of your best Scarlet or Rhett impersonation, showing your support for us.

Keep an eye out for our cheeky #GonewiththeGala memes on our social media and share them!  Help us have some fun with this campaign and support Jewish Family Services.