23 2016

Dr. Charles Jacobs-Indoctrination @ Newton High

7:00PM - 9:00PM  


June 23rd     

Dr. Charles Jacobs will screen Indoctrination @ Newton High, his new video exposing a pattern of anti-Israel teachings found in Newton, Massachusetts high schools.

A Note from Josh Katzen:
"Charles Jacobs is one of the most important - and fearless - defenders of the values underlying both American democracy and the existence of the State of Israel.  For decades, Charles has acted as a forward observer for the Jewish people, seeing approaching dangers long before the organized Jewish community has taken them seriously, and Charles' foresight has always turned out to be right.  Listening to Charles is not a choice for those who love Israel and America - it's an obligation."

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New Video Exposes Bias and Bigotry in Newton High Schools: Anti-Israel Indoctrination Masquerading as “Critical Thinking”

Indoctrination @ Newton High, a new video by Americans for Peace and Tolerance (APT), exposes a pattern of anti-Israel teachings found in Newton, Massachusetts high schools, including:

  • Newton’s high schools have used Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) maps that falsify the history of the Arab-Israeli conflict. Newton students were not told that the maps were created by the PLO’s propaganda unit.
  • Newton’s schools presented students with a falsified version of the Hamas Charter. In Newton’s doctored version the word  ”Jews” – as a target of hatred — is replaced with the word “Zionists.”
  • In one lesson, Newton students are asked to consider the Jewish state’s right to exist. (The legitimacy of no other nation-state’s existence is questioned.) The lesson included “expert” opinions, which are drawn overwhelmingly from anti-Israel academics and anti-Semitic activists.
  • A book used in Newton high schools has a recommended reading list that includes the extremist writings by Muslim Brotherhood leaders including Sayyid Qutb, and Yusuf Qaradawi, whose sermons call for the murder of Jews and homosexuals.