10 2019

2019 JCC Jewish Film Festival THE INTERPRETER

2:00PM - 4:00PM  

JCC CenterStage Theatre Louis S. Wolk Jewish Community Center
1200 Edgewood Avenue Hart Theater
Rochester, NY 14618

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The Interpreter

The Interpeter

An odd-couple road trip with a tragic twist. Ali, an 80-year-old translator, is on a quest to learn more about his parents’ execution during the Holocaust. Georg, 70, is the son of an SS officer who has spent his whole life avoiding his father and suffering from an addiction to alcohol. Ali shows up on Georg’s doorstep after deciding that a chapter in a book written by a former SS officer describes Ali’s parents’ execution. Ali comes armed and ready to take revenge. Moving between comedy and tragedy, The Interpreter shows how two opposites recognize a shared humanity and learn each other’s secrets—but not all.

Wednesday, July 10 | 2pm | JCC Hart Theater

Director: Martin Šulík
Country: Slovak Republic, Czech Republic, Austria
Running Time: 114 min
Year: 2018
Language: German, Slovakian (w/ subtitles)
Genre: Narrative

AWARD Interpreter