Shabbat Greetings from Meredith Dragon 5.21.21

I was all set to write a lengthy Shabbat message today coalescing a variety of my thoughts from this past week. On my mind: antisemitsm, feeling alone, Israel hatred, left vs. right, rampant inaccuracies about Israel, and so much more. So many others though have written some very important articles this week and have said what I have been thinking about, far more eloquently than me. Below is a compilation of these pieces. I think each one is excellent and deserves a thorough read. 
I also want to share with you that I share in the sentiments of these writers, colleagues, friends and allies. It has been a lonely week for the Jewish community. Very few have stepped out with words of support and encouragement. For those who have, I say thank you.THANK YOU! THANK YOU!
I do not scare easily. My skin is pretty thick. It has been a scary time and it is okay for us to acknowledge the fear we feel for ourselves, our children and grandchildren. We must also continue to call out antisemitism everywhere we see it, even if we are scared and fearful. We must stand together, tall and proud, and let people know we will not be bullied or harassed. We will not let people co-opt our message of love, into one of hate.
I hope that you can participate on Sunday, by joining the Jewish community at this important gathering. Let’s stand up together and show our solidarity. 
Articles by subject:
Rising Antisemitism:
Feeling Alone in the Middle:
Israel Analysis:
Responses to Celebrities:
Interesting Resources to Compare and Contrast:
Other Thoughts:
As we go into Shabbat, we pray that the ceasefire will hold and we will not see any more innocent loss of life, all life.
This should keep all of you quite busy. Resources continue to be updated on our Federation website. Also, we are closing our Annual Campaign at the end of May. I hope that you will consider making your pledge, if you have not already done so. If you have, thank you for your support! 
Our Federation support of Rochester and Israel makes all of us stronger. You can also support our local security efforts by supporting the ROCstrong Campaign. Our annual funds and security funds are needed now, more than ever. THANK YOU!
I hope to see you Sunday, in solidarity.
Until then,
Shabbat Shalom
Meredith Dragon, CEO


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