Shabbat Greetings from Julie Nusbaum and Meredith Dragon 11.6.20


Dear Karen,
We are a wonderfully diverse community with varied religious practice, different political leanings and a multitude of life experiences. Together we continue to live through a stressful and anxiety provoking time as COVID numbers steadily rise and we patiently await the outcome of our 2020 election. These remain unprecedented times, irrespective of our differences. We share something else too. It is our common experience and humanity. Simply, we have a tremendously warm, caring, and thoughtful Jewish community that is vigilant in looking out for the well-being of every one of us, not despite our differences, but because of them.
We recently came upon a note from another community that resonated with us. It read, “We will work with compassion to be unified – not uniform – in our work to support each other and those who depend on us. Because, regardless of whether or not your candidate won, we all have same goals. We are united and harmonious in our values to help others, educate ourselves and our children, and create a world that is better for those who will inherit it. Long after the final votes are counted, there will still be people to feed, vulnerable people to care for, individuals hurting that need to be lifted up, and children to educate and nurture. That is where we will come together.” We could not have said it better ourselves!
We will continue to live through a time of uncertainty, but the constant strength of our dedicated community members will ensure that we will not only survive, but thrive. Through the tireless work of our volunteers, professionals, agencies and synagogues, we will see brighter days. We are a people who have survived, not because of random happenstance, but because we have relied on our faith and each other to persevere together through the darkest, as well as the joyous, moments.   
We plan to continue to work individually and collectively on behalf of our community to help shape our future. This goal motivates our commitment and is what matters most right now. Our diversity is our strength and our biggest asset, and will ultimately help deliver the promise of our community’s future.
Shabbat Shalom -
Julie Nusbaum, President
Meredith Dragon, CEO


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