A Message from the Every Voice Counts Survey Team

When it comes to  Jewish Rochester’s 2019 Regional Survey, we can’t say it loud enough or often enough:  EVERY VOICE COUNTS!    

Have you completed your survey yet?  

If you’ve already participated, thank you! So far we have over 1,400 completed surveys -- with many more to go -- and our early findings are fascinating. If you haven’t participated yet, please do so!  

Who do we want to hear from? Everyone across our nine-county region who considers themselves Jewish and/or lives in a Jewish household, as well as “Jewish-adjacent” non-Jews who work or participate in Jewish institutions. In terms of age,  we’re seeking voices young and old -- with a special set of questions for teens, and a special curiosity about those in their 20s and 30s.    

Perhaps the most inclusive study any Jewish community has ever undertaken, we have questions for a full spectrum of Jews -- those highly observant and involved, those not at all observant and involved, and everyone in between. We have questions for interfaith households, those who identify as LGBTQ, Jews of color and interracial households, our Israelis, those from the former Soviet Union, Jews with disabilities and their caregivers, etc. As we’ve said, Every Voice Counts. 

Why is the “Every Voice Counts” survey so important? Because our findings will provide the actionable data that will empower our Jewish community to thrive these next 10 years.     

Every Voice Counts isn’t a quick, “check-off-a-few-boxes” type survey. It’s comprehensive and will likely take you awhile. That’s because a great deal of research and planning went into creating this survey. For an entire month, the leadership of 30 Jewish agencies, organizations, synagogues and schools across the Rochester region met with the survey’s planning team to tell us what they need to learn from -- and learn about -- our Jewish community as they plan their future. Our survey grew out of those conversations.  

This kind of planning happens only once in 10 years. So think of your participation as a few minutes per year -- not such a burdensome price to pay for a thriving Jewish community. 

Just one example of a key finding that will directly impact Federation planning: In our 2010 survey, 26% had personally encountered or witnessed antisemitism. In our 2019 survey so far, that number is 50%. And for our Jewish teens, it’s 76%. The Federation is already developing a strategy to improve security at Jewish institutions. Your survey answers about feeling safe and secure in Jewish places will directly impact that plan.

You might even be one of our weekly $250 Wegmans gift card winners!  Just go to www.EveryVoiceCounts2019.com. Let us say it again… EVERY VOICE COUNTS. Including yours!

Sincerest thanks to the Max and Marian Farash Charitable Foundation for generously supporting this historically significant project.


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