Jewish Family Services

255 East Avenue
Suite 201
Rochester, NY 14610

P: 585.461.0110

About Us
Jewish Family Services (JFS) has been serving our Rochester community for over 100 years.  When our agency began, people of the Jewish faith needed a place to go for their social service needs.  As different religious groups have assimilated more into the broader community and as society has evolved from Jewish hospitals for Jewish individuals, the need for a specifically Jewish Social Service agency has changed. 

Our work at JFS is grounded in the time -honored Jewish tradition of Tikkun Olam, or the repairing of the world.  Tikkun olam is based on the premise that at one time, many thousands of years ago, the world was whole.  Fragile but whole.  And, one day, the world—it shattered. Shards of glass were everywhere and putting it back together became the work of the Jewish people. It is important to note that the work in putting the pieces back together was for the good of all of humanity.

Our Mission
Jewish Family Services empowers Jewish and non-Jewish individuals, families and communities to thrive by providing a wide array of programs and services built upon the traditions of dignity, kindness and tikkun olam – improving the world.