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Get Ready to Vote in Rochester

Hineini! / Here I Am! 

As a part of our Community Relations work at the Jewish Federation, we embrace the opportunity to engage with our political system as a tool for pursuing justice and repairing the world. We value the opportunity, and protect the right, to say "Hineini"/ "Here I am" and to let our voices be heard. 

We also value the rights of all citizens to vote easily and without obstacles. For these reasons, our JCRC will be working with local organizations to help register voters throughout the Fall. Below is the information you need to make sure your voice is heard when it comes to important policies related to keeping our communities safe, protecting constitutionally-granted equal rights, providing voting accessibility, and fighting hate and extremism.

Here is some information to help you get started.

2022 Elections

Important 2022 Voting Dates

  • October 14: Last day to postmark voter registration application in time for November election 
  • October 19: Last day Board of Elections can receive voter registration application in time for November Elections

United States General Election will occur on Tuesday, November 8, 2022
To see what candidates will appear on your ballot, you can enter your address at Vote 411 or Ballot Ready.

The General Election is a regular election of candidates for office, both statewide and national. This election decides the final choice among the various candidates who have been nominated by their political parties in the Primary Election, or who are running as Independents or write-in candidates. It includes selecting US senators and representatives to Congress every 2 years, as well as state and local officials every year. Every 4 years, the General Election elects the President. If you meet the criteria to vote and register by the deadlines, you can vote in all elections.

Know Your Candidates
For a full list of Monroe County candidates for public office, click here.

Are You Registered to Vote?
Use the Monroe County Board of Elections Online Voter Application site to check if you are registered, to register to vote, find your polling site, apply for an absentee ballot, and learn more about the candidates in your district.

Absentee Voting (Voting By Mail) For 2022 Election
If you plan to vote via absentee ballot, please note the dates below. To confirm the status of your registration visit this site. If you have not received your Absentee Voter application but are registered in your county, call the Monroe County Board of Elections at 585.753.1550.

  • October 24: Last day for board of elections to receive absentee ballot application by letter, telefax, or through the absentee request portal
  • November 7: Last day to apply in-person
  • November 8: Last day to postmark ballot or delivery in person to the local board of elections of any county poll site (must be received by November 15th) 

Voting in Person
Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, in-person voting remains an option, and will be executed safely by the Board of Elections. There are two ways to participate in in-person voting: 

  1. Early voting information is available here
  2. Election day voting will take place on November 8. To ensure safe voting, you will be assigned to one polling location, and will receive that information in a letter from the Board of Elections in the weeks before the election. If you do not receive a letter with your assigned polling location, please call the Board of Elections at 585.753.1550. In-person voting will be conducted through Polling Pads, as well as on paper ballots if requested. 

Remember that a vote at a polling location overrides an absentee ballot. 

Using Voting Machines
Monroe County uses the ImageCast voting machine that is equipped to accommodate voters with disabilities. These are the steps you will take to cast your ballot:

  • After signing in, an inspector will give you a preprinted ballot containing all of the candidate's names
  • You will be directed to a privacy booth where you will mark your ballot with a special pen
  • After being marked, place your ballot into a privacy sleeve and take it to the voting machine
  • Insert your marked paper ballot into the voting machine to cast your vote
  • Return the privacy sleeve to one of the inspectors at the polling site

Once the above steps are complete, you have successfully cast your ballot!
If you experience any trouble, an inspector at your polling site will be happy to show you how to use the voting machine.
Click here for more information regarding the voting machine.
Click here for a video demonstration.


Experiencing Problems on Election Day?
Call 1.866.OUR.VOTE (866.687.8683) or 1.888.VE.Y.VOTA (en Español)

Be sure to mark your ballot correctly! 
In some elections, a candidate may be listed under more than one party. DO NOT fill in more than one oval for the same candidate! 



Frequently Asked Questions


What should I bring to the polling site?
Bring your ID if you are voting for the first time. If you have voted before, there is no need to, but Monroe County suggests bringing your license in case the inspectors need to verify your identification in the event of a name change or if your signature is not on file.

What should I expect at the polling site?
According to Monroe County's website: "When you enter the polling site, you will see tables and voting machines for one or more election districts. At the table for your election district you will be asked to sign next to a copy of your original signature on an alphabetically digitized poll list."

Are polling sites accessible for people with physical disabilities? 
Once you have received your assigned polling location, if your letter does not share accessibility information, you can contact Monroe county Board of Elections at or call 585.753.1550 to confirm your location is accessible.

I am already registered to vote. How can I help others?
You can help by encouraging others to vote and by sharing this page to social media and with friends and family! You can also help by registering voters.

Contact Us


Monica Gebell

Director of Community Relations



Additional Voter Resources
For more information, voter education, and candidate forums, check out:

League of Women Voters, Rochester
League of Women Voters, National
National Council of Jewish Women, Rochester

Government resources:
Federal Election Commission
NYS Board of Elections
Federal Voting Assistance Program

Get Involved!
Are you looking for ways to get involved and help others vote? Contact Monica Gebell to find out about opportunities. 

Ways to Give

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