Women’s Philanthropy is dedicated to making a difference by mobilizing support to address needs in our community. In partnership with Jewish Family Service and the Brighton Food Cupboard, we have launched the Holiday Food Basket Project to support local families in need.   


The Brighton Food Cupboard services thousands of Jewish and non-Jewish families in our community with food insecurities. A hallmark initiative is the delivery of holiday food baskets so families can share time together over a festive meal. These are provided on all major Jewish holidays, as well as Thanksgiving and Christmas to our non-Jewish neighbors. A total of 550 holiday food baskets are delivered to these children, adults and seniors annually.  




Each basket is $36 and we aim to fund all 550 food baskets. Doing so allows the Brighton Food Cupboard to enhance its ongoing work as a resource for these families the rest of the year. Please join us in helping us reach our goal.