5 2022

Human Rights Day - Author Christian Picciolini

7:00PM - 9:00PM  

Monroe Community College - Brighton Campus
Rochester, NY

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Breaking Hate: Confronting the New Culture of Extremism


Christian Picciolini is an author, speaker, television producer, reformed extremist Christian and co-founder of Life After Hate, a nonprofit helping people disengage from hate and violent extremism. His work and life purpose are born of an ongoing and profound need to atone for a grisly past, and to make something of his time on this planet by contributing to the greater good.


Christian Picciolini will discuss his emotional drift from his loving family, his recruitment and rapid rise into the leadership of the early American white-power skinhead movement, as well as his exit from hate and atonement.

Sponsor: The Levine Center to End Hate and MCC's Holocaust, Genocide, and Human Rights Project