18 2024

Braiding Bread Breaking Bread

7:00PM - 8:30PM  

Contact Monica Gebell

In honor of Martin Luther King’s vision of a community in which we can all “sit at the table of brotherhood,” we will learn about the Jewish tradition of making challah, the bread used ceremonially during Shabbat. We’ll learn about what “the taking of challah” represents, and why this centuries-old practice is performed in kitchens all over the world on Friday afternoons.

We’ll talk about the concept of Shabbat (Friday night to Saturday evening) as “separation,” and how our bread-making mirrors the experience of braiding together ourselves with our community. Participants will be able to bring home their dough to bake during the January 19th nationally observed SHABBAT OF LOVE. 

For more information, contact Chaz Goodman at cgoodman@jewishrocheser.org.

Sponsor: Jewish Community Relations Council, Levine Center to End Hate