14 2023

Power and Spirit: Two Versions of the Meaning of Hanukkah

11:00AM - 12:00PM  

Louis S. Wolk Jewish Community Center 1200 Edgewood Avenue
Rochester, NY 14618

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Power and Spirit: Two versions of the meaning of Hanukkah

What are we celebrating when we celebrate Hanukkah? In this two-part series we will discuss two different versions of the Hanukkah story and the values they impart. The first session will look at stories in the First and Second Book of Maccabees (books that did not make it into the Jewish Bible but are included in some Christian ones) which tell of the armed resistance and victory against Greek occupation. During the second class, we will look at the Talmudic version of the rededication of the Temple, consider why the rabbis focused on the story of the miracle of the oil, and discuss which aspects of the holiday should be commemorated today.

This program is FREE but registration is required. 

This is a joint Jewish Federation/JCC/Lifespan program