"Count Me In"


The "Count Me In" 2010 Study of the Greater Rochester Jewish Community survey yielded a final sample of 2,334 usable interviews, including 100 local Jewish college students. This from a total of roughly 19,000 Jewish members of our community.


Jack Finkelstein, Chair of the Study, was delighted by the community's extraordinary response to the project. "I can't tell you how gratifying it is to have this volume of response to our community survey," he said. "To try to express to people how important it is to have their input as we plan for the life of our community over the next decade, and then to find that people hear the message and respond accordingly, it's a great feeling.  The response to the survey has been overwhelming and it will help us to chart our course effectively into the future."


The study, which received finanicial support from Jewish Senior Life, asked residents of the Greater Rochester Jewish community a wide array of questions assessing their needs and interests with regard to family support, Jewish observation, senior services, and many other issues.


We are are grateful to Jocelyn Goldberg-Schaible for doing an incredible job conducting the study.


For more information about "Count Me In," call 585.461.0490.