About Us: Jewish Federation of Greater Rochester



Welcome to the Jewish Federation of Greater Rochester! The Federation represents the over 19,000 Jewish people who live in the Greater Rochester area. We are a diverse and vibrant community with so much to offer.


We work to build a strong Jewish future in Rochester, Israel, and worldwide through philanthropy, engagement, education and advocacy.


Through the generous support of our donors, The Jewish Federation of Greater Rochester does what it does best – thoughtfully and compassionately convene our community to:

  • Care for those in need: While the darkest days of the pandemic are hopefully behind us, we have a long road to recovery. The economic and emotional impact of COVID remains and we must be able to meet the increased demand for food, emergency cash, employment services, and mental health support.
  • Combat antisemitism: The events of the past year have demonstrated beyond a shadow of a doubt that we will never fully escape the threat of antisemitism. We must ensure our immediate safety by expanding the security infrastructure across our community while also fostering change through education and bridge-building efforts.
  • Plan for the future of Rochester: While we cannot predict what the future will hold, we can sustain a network of forward-thinking, resilient nonprofit organizations and relationships that will form the bedrock of a vibrant, caring Rochester Jewish community for generations to come.
  • Create a culture of philanthropy: Our community is only at its strongest when we help people find meaningful ways to contribute their time, expertise, and resources. We must foster a love of philanthropy and community involvement in all of our community’s members, across all ages and stages of life so that we can continue to support our vibrant Jewish community. 


View our 2021 Annual Report.

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