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Gift of Israel letter to Parents








Dear Parents of students in grades 3-6,


Please consider this wonderful opportunity for your child! 


Coordinated by the Jewish Federation of Greater Rochester, the Gift of Israel is a savings program which enables your child to receive $150.00 during each year of enrollment towards an organized trip for Jewish youth to Israel. 


For each year between grades 3 and 10 that you contribute $150.00 to this account, the Federation will also contribute $150.00; a potential $1,200.00. Enrollment is open to children presently in grades 3-6. 


How does the Gift of Israel program work?  It’s simple….


·        Fill out the requested participation agreement.

·        Submit it along with your contribution of $150.00 (minimum).

·        A savings account is then established in which the Federation will then contribute $150.00. 

·        For every year through the end of the child’s 10th grade in which you contribute $150.00 to the account, the Federation will match it.


For your child to take advantage of the Federation’s contributed funds, between the end of 9th grade and the end of junior year in college or age 21 (whichever comes first),  he/she must participate in an organized trip to Israel.  This trip must be at least 2 weeks in length and be of educational content.   


Gift of Israel enrollment materials are linked at the bottom of this page -- just scroll below.


Thank you for supporting your child’s Israel experience!




Aileen Koffman

Coordinator, Gift of Israel