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Journey for Identity: Jewish "routes" and "roots"

The Journey for Identity

Experience a 3 week, 3 continent trip of discovery for 10th-12th graders with teens from our Partnership 2Gether community, Modi’in Israel.

Learn about JFI 6/Summer 2015 
at an information session:

Thursday, September 18, 2014
7-9 PM
Jewish Community Center
1200 Edgewood Avenue

Sunday, September, 21, 2014
2-4 PM
Jewish Community Center
1200 Edgewood Avenue

Want to learn about the Holocaust, meet a local survivor, travel to Poland, see the sun rise above the Dead Sea? Hike through 2,000 year-old water aqueducts in the north? Pray at the Western Wall in Jerusalem? Explore Tel Aviv’s trendy shops and outdoor markets? Make friends that will last a lifetime?

Travel from Rochester to Poland and Israel with Jewish teens from Rochester and Modi’in. Experience "home hospitality" in each other's communities.

Check out a sample itinerary.

Get a parent's impression of JFI.

Do you have questions about the Journey for Identity program? Learn about program costs, and staff and supervision by scrolling below.

Staff and Supervision

The Jewish Federation of Greater Rochester has been sponsoring outstanding teen travel programs in the United States and Israel for many years. The Jewish Federation provides the highest standard of health, safety and security in all its youth travel programs. Much has been learned on previous trips about how to operate a program that always places the welfare of young people entrusted to our care above all other considerations.

The staff of the Jewish Federation of Greater Rochester is available by telephone 24 hours a day during the program to respond to the needs of our participants and concerns of parents. Our offices at 441 East Avenue are open 8 hours a day.  For more detailed information, please refer to our Safety and Security protocol.

Participants and their parents sign the JFI Code of Conduct expressing clear expectations for appropriate behavior. The Jewish Federation prides itself on the sensitive and professional handling of medical, emotional or behavioral challenges. The staff of the Jewish Federation are in close contact with participants’ parents if need be.

The Jewish Federation uses trained educators from the Israeli Ministry of Education for Poland and Israel - every group, in addition to its full complement of group leaders and counselors, has a trained tour educator in Poland and in Israel. This tour educator knows how to bring alive the history of the Jewish people and how to effectively communicate with our own Rochester teens.

Program Costs

For information about the total cost for each participant on Journey for Identity 6, contact Rich Gordon, The total cost covers all expenses associated with the program including travel expenses, hotel accommodations, food, and any other associated costs of the program except for luggage charges for overweight bags. 

Scholarship information

The JFI program is eligible to receive scholarships through the Jewish Education Services of the Jewish Federation. All Scholarships are need-based.  Please contact Rich Gordon, Coodinator of Teen Education and Israel Trips, for information and an application for scholarships, at

Many area synagogues also offer scholarships.  Please contact your local synagogue for more information about this.

Learn more about Partnership 2Gether, between the Rochester Jewish community and the people of Modi'in, Israel.

What are Parents Saying?

To Prospective JFI Parents,
Our son Jordan participated in the Journey for Identity program. As he went through the application process... we kept focusing on what an incredible time he was going to have in Poland and Israel. What we failed to think about was the impact that the Israeli students’ visit here would have on our entire family.

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